The saddle bronc event at the Dodge City Roundup Rodeo is turning out to be a family affair.

One night after defending Roundup champion Cody Wright took the early lead in the event with an 85 ride, brother Jesse moved into second place on Thursday by recording an 83 on Griz.

Jesse Wright said there is some friendly competition between the brothers, as well as twin Jake, who scored a 72 on Thursday.

"It's awesome, but I want to be No. 1 just as much as he wants to be," Jesse Wright said. "I just want to go around and win some money at some of the other rodeos, then come back here in the short-go and get a good horse and come out on top."

Wright was very happy when he saw Griz next to his name during the day sheet. He had a very comfortable ride on the National Finals Rodeo horse and in prime position to make it to Sunday's championship performance.

"He is a very good horse and people win a lot of money on him and he goes to the (National Finals Rodeo)," Wright said. "I won a title a couple of year and he's a great horse to draw."

Another roughstock rider who had an excellent ride in front of the Roundup Rodeo crowd was bareback rider Jared Smith. Smith closed out the Thursday performance in his event by scoring an 83 on Misty Valley, putting him two points behind Casey Colletti and Casey Breuer with two more performances before Sunday.

"The horse was right there along the chutes and stayed close," Smith said. "The score could have been a few more, but that's fine. There will be some great horses here Sunday night and I'll be back to try to win it."

None of the bull riders from the first section were able to qualify for the short-go and only one rider earned a score in the second section as Dustin Bowen scored a 75 on Redneck to move him to a tie for third in the first round. Tyler Smith is still leading with an 84 with J.W. Harris second at 83.

Tyler Waguespack had runs of 5.1 and 4.8 seconds during the first round slack and second round in Thursday's performance to move to second in the steer wrestling, while Denver Berry moved to fifth in the event at 12.9. Bray Armes still leads after two rounds with 9.0 on two head.

Cody Ohl still finds himself almost five seconds ahead of his nearest competitor in the tie-down roping with 23.0 seconds on two head, with Adam Gray moving into second place in the average at 27.7. Only six riders have completed two runs in the event.

Jessi Fish remains the leader in the barrel racing with a time of 36.48 seconds on two runs. 

The rodeo continues Friday with the third performance at Roundup Arena. The event will start at 7:45 p.m.


(After two performances)


1. Casey Colletti, on Harry Vold Rodeo’s Painted Coast, and Casey Breuer, on Vold’s Hot Valley, 85 points; 3. Jared Smith, 83; 4. Orin Larsen, 81; 5. Tim O’Connell, 80; 6. Tilden Hooper, 78; 75. Winn Ratliff, 77; 8. (tie) Kyle Brennecke and Joel Schlegel, 76.


First round leaders: 1. Bray Armes, 4.0 seconds; 2. Brandon Volker, 4.4; 3. Casey Martin, 4.5; 4. Tyler Waguespack, 5.1; 5. Shane Frey, 5.4; 6. (tie) Gary Gilbert and Tait Kvistad, 5.9 each. Second round leaders: 1. Ty Lang, 3.9 seconds; 2. Tooter Silver, 4.1; 3. Levi Rudd, 4.5; 4. (tie) Chance Howard and Tyler Waguespack, 4.8; 6. Bray Armes, 5.0; 7. Kait Kvistad, 5.2; 8. (tie) Ty Talsma and Logan Rudd, 5.3; 7. (tie) Brock White and Casey Martin, 5.6. Average leaders: 1. Bray Armes, 9.0 seconds on two runs; 2. Tyler Waguespack, 9.9; 3. Casey Martin, 10.1; 4. Tait Kvistad, 11.1; 5. Denver Berry,12.9; 6. Brock White, 13.1; 7. Orrin Michael Fontenot, 13.9; 8. Brandon Volker, 15.5.


First round leaders: 1. Nick Sartain/Rich Skelton, 5.1 seconds; 2. (tie) Andrew Ward/Reagan Ward and Landon McClaugherty/Caleb Twisselman, 5.6 each; 4. Coleman Proctor/Jake Long, 5.7; 5. Robert Pixley/Joe Mattern, 5.9; 6. (tie) Kyle Linaweaver/Mitch Murray and Tom Richards/Monty Joe Petska, 6.1 each. Second round leaders: 1. (tie) Keven Daniel/York Gill and Jake Pancost/Austin Rogers, 5.2 seconds; 3. Miles Baker/Dustin Searcy, 6.0; 4. (tie) Derrick Begay/Will Woodfin and Tavis Walters/Tyler Worley, 9.9; 6. Andrew Ward/Reagan Ward, 10.9; 7. Trey Harmon/Braden Harmon, 14.6; 8. Bull Austin/Corey Hendrick, 14.8. Average leaders: 1. Andrew Ward/Reagan Warad, 16.5 seconds on two runs. 2. Miles Baker/Dustin Searcy, 17.0; 3. Trey Harmon/Braden Harmon, 21.8; 4. (tie) Landon McClaugherty/Caleb Twisselman and Bull Austin/Corey Hendrick, 22.8; 6. Tavis Walters/Tyler Worley, 26.4; 7. Nick Sartain/Rich Skelton, 5.1 seconds on one run; 8. (tie) Keven Daniel/York Gill and Jake Pancost/Austin Rogers, 5.2.


1. Cody Wright, 85 points on Harry Vold Rodeo’s Kate’s Hot Sister; 2. Jesse Wright, 83; 3. (tie) Taos Muncy and Isaac Diaz, 82; 5. (tie) Troy Crowser/Ty Thompson, 81; 6. (tie) Brady Nicholes and Sam Spreadborough, 78.


First round leaders: 1. Jerome Schneeberger, 11.8 seconds; 2. Cody Ohl, 12.0; 3. Thomas Merritt, 13.5; 4. Fred Whitfield, 13.8; 5. Perry Dietz, 14.1; 6. Adam Gray, 15.7. Second round leaders: 1. Marcos Costa, 10.2 seconds; 2. Cody Ohl, 11.0; 3. Adam Gray, 12.0; 4. Sean O’Neil, 13.8; 5. Blake Barber, 15.7; 7. Clete Scheer, 17.9; 8. Fred Whitfield, 21.6. Average leaders: 1. Cody Ohl, 23.0 seconds on two runs; 2. Adam Gray, 27.7; 3. Sean O’Neil, 30.4; 4. Thomas Merritt, 31.1; 5. Marcos Costa, 33.5; 6. Fred Whitfield, 35.4; 7. Jerome Schneeberger, 11.8 seconds on one run; 8. Perry Dietz, 14.1.


First round leaders: 1. Shada Brazile, 17.87 seconds; 2. Jessi Fish, 17.96; 3. Sarah Rose McDonald, 18.19; 4. Jane Melby, 18.37; 5. Jaime Barrow, 18.42; 6. Korrina Lynn Hughes, 18.51. Second round leaders: 1. Jane Melby, 18.43 seconds; 2. Jessi Fish, 18.52; 3. Shelbie Parrish, 18.56; 4. Sara Rose McDonald, 18.61; 5. (tie) Katie Loughran and Alissa Burson, 18.71; 7. Peyton Mentzer, 18.83; 8. (tie) Callie Gray and Kris Hanson, 18.92; 10. Angie Thompson, 19.07. Average leaders: 1. Jessi Fish, 36.48 seconds on two runs; 2. (tie) Sarah Rose McDonald and Jane Melby, 36.80; 4. Katie Loughran, 37.38; 5. Korrina Lynn Hughes, 37.72; 6. Shelbie Parrish, 37.75; 7. Alissa Burson, 38.03; 8. Sandi Brandli, 38.14; 9. Angie Thompson, 38.33; 10. Peyton Mentzer, 38.50.


1. Tyler Smith, 84 points on Frontier Rodeo’s Elise Said What; 2. J.W. Harris, 83; 3. (tie) Dillon Tyler and Dustin Bowen, 75; 5. Tag Elliott, 74; 6. Elijah Mora, 64; 7. Casey Huckabee, 53; no other qualified rides.