Either you believe it all or you don’t believe it at all

There is a reason it is called a leap of faith.

When it comes to matters of faith, you can’t really go halfway. Sure, a lot of people try to, but it just doesn’t work.

As Easter comes around again tomorrow, more people than usual will be considering their beliefs and participating in ways they typically wouldn’t. But many of us will try to take a small step of faith. I just don’t see how that works.

Christianity calls for commitment. I know you hear people say things about being a good person or how all religions lead to heaven.

I don’t see how any of that makes sense. Most religions don’t even contain the concept of heaven and certainly not the same heaven the Bible promises believers as an afterlife.

My favorite comments are people who just can’t wrap their heads around Jesus being part of a confusing concept of the Trinity but they think “he was a good teacher” or a “wise philosopher.”

Neither of those can possibly be true. This guy was a 30-year-old wandering around the desert with a group of followers. He said he was the Son of God and one with God.

He promised that believing him and following him would result in eternal peace and joy in heaven.

You can’t take his parables and say he was a good teacher. Either Jesus was who he said He was or He was a delusional madman.

Madmen make good television series but not good teachers or wise philosophers.

This inclusive religious philosophy is why people say things like I heard last week when a radio morning show was discussing the new movie “Heaven is for Real.”

The movie is based on a fun concept and all, but it is about as Biblical as the movie “Noah” with its fallen angel rock monsters.

There is no scriptural teaching that supports a heaven into which we can come and go as we choose. There is no teaching that supports everyone in heaven being four years old either.

This is the imagination of a little boy and as nice as it is to ponder, I hope you don’t base your beliefs on it.

The radio host I mentioned was discussing the movie and she said that heaven “should” be like that because heaven is such a “subjective reality.”

There is no such thing as a subjective reality. Reality is very much objective.

If heaven exists, it is the creation of God and exists for those who believe in His son to one day come and spend eternity worshiping Him.

It isn’t where cartoon cats and dogs float on clouds and play the harp. It isn’t where everyone is a four-year old boy.

I understand the “I’m okay and you’re okay” mentality. It’s kind of like a movie about a little boy going to heaven and coming back with fanciful stories to tell.

It feels good and might be entertaining for a couple of hours.

But when it comes to faith, I’m afraid there isn’t a middle ground where anyone can believe anything and everyone ends up in the same place.

There is plenty of room to disagree on denominational details.

But reality isn’t subjective and there is no middle ground on beliefs.

Either you believe it all or you don’t believe it at all.

That’s why they call it a leap of faith.



Bush is the publisher of the Butler County Times Gazette and can be reached at: kbush@butlercountytimesgazette.com