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Some of the Best Music of 2013 So Far
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June 19, 2013 5:15 p.m.

We're half way through 2013 and so far this year has had some pretty great music offerings. I thought it'd be a great time to highlight a few releases that so far, at least for me, have risen to the top of the heap and have been prime examples of the best 2013 has to offer so far.
Patty Griffin Releases New Album 'American Kid' On May 13th 2013
Patty Griffin - American Kid
This is a stunningly beautiful heartfelt collection of songs. The kind of album that you find yourself NEEDING to hear and wanting to hear again and again. Patty Griffin is one of the best singer/songwriters working today and American Kid is a prime example of why she should be on everyone's radar. A sure fire contender for Album of the Year. Bottom line? This Album Is Glorious. Highlights: Go Wherever You Want To Go, Wild Old Dog
Sam Tsui - Make It Up (iTunes)
He's a YouTube cover artist sensation, often times surpassing the originals, who has finally released an album of original songs (with help from a massively successful Kickstarter campain). Make It Up is a pop gem with clever lyrics fun beats and plenty of Sam's trademark incredible singing. Highlights: Me Without You, Shadow
Demi Lovato - DEMI
I'm just as surprised as you are. Demi Lovato has turned in an album better than anything Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera has done, and probably ever will do. This is a great collection of songs that, if there is any justice in the world, will put Demi on the map permanantly. She is at the top of her game here and I can't wait to hear what she brings us next. Highlights: Heart Attack, Really Don't Care
Bella Ruse - Those Were Good Times, Weren't They?
This is a folk rock duo that was just brought to my attention the other day. I was pleasantly surprised and quickly fell in love with their charming and refreshing sound. I feel like Bella Ruse is standing at the door of a great career. Hopefully soon enough that door will open and they can rule the summer like this stellar album deserves. Highlights: Those Were Good Times Weren't They, When You Asked Me For The Moon
The Band Perry - Pioneer
Another surprise. I was ready to write these guys off as a one hit pony after If I Die Young, which admittedly is a great song. Boy was I wrong. Pioneer is probably one of the best country albums in years. The Band Perry has made leaps and bounds over their last album. Pioneer is damn near a country masterpiece. Fresh, without sounding to poppy and staying true to their roots. Great stuff. Highlights: Pioneer, End of Time
Rilo Kiley - RKives
It's Rilo Kiley. It's a collection of B-Sides and Unreleased songs. It's awesome and it makes me miss them even more. I don't know what else I need to say here because you should already have this. Highlights: Let Me Back In, It'll Get You There
Fitz and the Tantrums - More Than Just A Dream
I don't even know how to really classify this band besides just saying they are awesome and demand you buy their album(s). They seem to touch every genre from soul to pop to rock and whatever else hits their fancy. More Than Just A Dream is their second album and it's just more great music from this unique and often surprising band. If you get a chance, check out their episode of Live From Daryl's House. Mesmerizing! Highlights: Merry Go Round, Fool's Gold
Well there you go. Seven examples of some excellent albums well worth your time and your money. We're only half way through 2013 and there is sure to be dozens of more great examples of amazing music to check out. There are also dozens of examples of great music that I haven't even heard yet so explore! Try new music and don't scoff at something because it's popular. Sometimes popular music can be great too. Sometimes.
Me? I love discovering new music. I'd never have discovered Bella Ruse had someone not told me about them. True fandom is telling everyone you know about bands you love. So tell me about the bands YOU think I should check out and maybe they'll get mentioned on the site or on the SHOW. Tweet us @popculturebeast or use #pcbshow. Facebook (facebook.com/popculturebeast) us or email me! Garon@popculturebeast.com

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