Scripture:   1Thessalonians (NIV) 3:5  For this reason, when I could stand it no longer, I sent to find out about your faith.  I was afraid that in some way the tempter had tempted you and that our labors might have been in vain.

Observation:   Paul’s love for the people in Thessalonica can be seen in his words.  Here and previously in verse 1 of this chapter Paul writes, “when I/we could stand it no longer…”  He loved them and needed some news as to how they were doing in their faith.  So he sent Timothy to find out. 

Application:   Love can be shown in many ways, but there is always the desire to keep in touch especially when there is concern that something might be wrong.  I have heard it said, “No news is good news.”  In other words if there was something wrong we would have heard.  But “no news” does not satisfy those with concern.  I need to keep in touch with those I love. 

Prayer:   Holy Spirit remind me when I need to call one of the special people you have placed in my life.  May I be faithful to keep in touch.   Amen 

Pastor Leon
Making friends for time and eternity!