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by Garon Cockrell
Gabriel Iglesias: “Aloha Fluffy: Live From Hawaii” DVD Review
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April 2, 2013 12:01 a.m.

Aloha Fluffy: Live From Hawaii is the new stand-up comedy special
by Gabriel Iglesias, known for hosting Stand-Up
, the second season of which was released on DVD
in December. Gabriel Iglesiasí material is mostly long tales, rather than short
jokes. He is a comedian who can really tell a good story. By the way, this is a
nice long performance. Most of these comedy specials are approximately an hour
Ė this one is 94 minutes (not including the bonus material).

Gabriel Iglesias begins
by talking about Hawaii. One thing I absolutely love about his comedy is his work
with various voices. He can do a wide variety of voices, including very
convincing female voices. Right at the start he does his impersonation of the
tour guide on the bus to a luau: ďWelcome
aboard the King Kamehameha Luau ExperienceÖ Iím actually from Oregon. But I
have been living here now for three weeks and you only need a few days and
youíre basically a native
.Ē The audience clearly enjoys all the local
references, including Germaineís Luau (which Gabriel says is his favorite place
to visit).

He talks about doing a
world tour. The stuff about Singapore is great, and of course it provides a
chance for more voices. His bit about Indian folks trying to rob a bank is
hilarious: ďWhere did you get the
Ē ďThey thought I was tech

He does a long bit about
his fifteen-year-old kid. He mentions that to get your point across to a child
you donít have to yell or hit the kid. He says, ďEmbarrassing a kid is the biggest weapon you can have as a parent
thatís legal
.Ē (I wonder what the kid will think about this DVD.)

He talks about being a
comedian, and tells some anecdotes about his own career, including performing
in Saudi Arabia. Thatís a pretty wild story, especially as he had to perform in
a secret place. (One thing I really appreciate about that bit is the not-quite-subtle
rip on FOX News.) And of course this tale provides more opportunities for
different voices. I particularly love his impression of the guy who says that
in the Middle East theyíre not angry, theyíre just hot. ďLook, everybody has a hot face. Hot face. Everybody hot face. I
promise, you give me air conditioning, I am so happy

I also absolutely love his idea of the getting-to-know-a-person
date, which includes getting really drunk, asking questions, and filming it. At
the end he tells the great gift basket story, but this time with a surprise
(which Iím not going to ruin here).

Special Features

This DVD has several
bonus features. The first is Fluffy
Presents Alfred Robles
, which is approximately eight minutes of Alfred
Robles doing stand-up. He did basically this entire routine before, on an
episode of Stand-Up Revolution. (Itís
weird that he would do it again, opening for the same person who hosts that
show. Maybe thatís the only eight minutes he has.)

Encore: Magic Mike Story is Gabrielís encore from his performance
in Hawaii. Itís approximately sixteen minutes, and features Gabriel talking about
auditioning for a part in the movie Magic
. He talks about his experiences on set. Leonardís/Malasadas is a bit more of Gabrielís routine from this
performance that was cut from the show (itís approximately two minutes).

Fluffy: Behind The Scenes is kind of a video diary of the trip, and
includes footage at the airport, on the airplane, arriving in Hawaii, and doing
press. Gabriel did a show for the military while he was in Hawaii, and thereís
footage of that as well. Plus, there is footage after the main performance. And
there is quite a lot of footage of the pancake challenge from the next day (itís
pretty gross). This special ends with footage at Germaineís Luau, which is
cool. (Fluffy: Behind The Scenes is approximately
twenty-five minutes.)

Aloha Fluffy is scheduled to be released on DVD and Blu-ray on
April 9, 2013. It will air on Comedy Central on April 7th and April

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