Tips on how to maintain a good-as-new carpet for years

A new carpet can transform the look and feel of your home and can be a significant financial investment, too. Without proper care, however, it will not stay looking clean and fresh for long. A dirty, tired carpet can look very unpleasant, so follow these easy carpet care tips to maximize the life of the carpets in your home.

Choose the right carpet. Carpets are available in a wide range of colors and textures. While that exotic looking cream carpet may look great in the showroom, it may not last so well at home if you have a dog and three children running around. As a rule, try to avoid light colors and carpets without texture, as they are much harder to keep clean. You may also want to avoid using carpet in high traffic areas, where the constant footfall will make it almost impossible to keep in great condition.

Opt for stain resistance. Many carpets are available with a stain-resistant finish, which makes life much easier. You can also purchase solutions and sprays, which you can apply to a carpet yourself to make it more stain-resistant. This may cost more money, but could make the floor covering last much longer. Do not rely solely on stain resistance, however, and attend to spills and dirt as soon as they occur.

Vacuum regularly. Aim to vacuum your carpet as often as possible. This simple step achieves a number of results. It removes dirt and dust, which may otherwise be trodden into the fabric. It can also lift the pile of the carpet and reduce the affects of foot traffic. Vacuum cleaning also helps remove allergens and prevents your carpet from looking dull.

Ensure that everyone removes shoes. You should not allow people to wear shoes on your carpet. While you may feel a little awkward asking friends to remove their shoes, they should soon respect your wishes, and this will protect your flooring from dirt on shoes and boots. Make it an important house rule, and ensure that children observe the rule at all times.

Ban drinking and eating. While it may seem a little extreme, a ban on eating and drinking on or around your carpet will significantly reduce the risk of messy spills and stains. Ensuring that children use leak-proof bottles and cups can be a good compromise, but crisps, chocolate and sweets can all make a terrible mess of your new carpet. For very social areas, you may want to consider laying a rug on the carpet to prevent soils from food and drink, but ensure you move rugs and vacuum underneath regularly to avoid flattening the pile.
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