Caffeine in moderation can provide health benefits.

When I learned March was National Caffeine Awareness Month, I set out to confirm the benefits of including caffeine in one's diet. I enjoy getting my daily dose of caffeine from an early morning cup (okay cups) of coffee. Other sources of caffeine include black tea, chocolate, energy water and chocolate covered coffee beans.

According to a recent article written by Ed White, caffeine can help you to be smarter, stronger, healthier and even younger-looking. The article claims over 21,000 studies conducted over the past 60 years have shown that the many benefits of caffeine appear to outweigh any known drawbacks. Those benefits inlude the following:

• Caffeine improves memory
• Caffeine stimulates hair growth
• Caffeine benefits muscles
• Caffeine is good for your heart
• Caffeine improves liver function
• Caffeine helps to prevent Alzheimer’s
• Caffeine helps to prevent Parkinson’s Disease

The health benefits are encouraging but, as with all food and drink, moderation is the key. For more information about the above mentioned benefits visit