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7 Ways to Find Cheaper Gas
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Feb. 18, 2013 11:16 a.m.

In the past month gas prices have jump over 40 cents a gallon which just makes me cringe each time I drive by a gas station. To make it a little less painful Iím using the following tips to find cheaper gas around town.
  1. Use Smartphone Apps or Website. Smartphone apps like Gasbuddy, Gas Cubby, Cheap Gas!, YP Yellow Pages & Gas Prices can help you find the cheapest gas prices on the go. If you donít have a smartphone check out prices online at Automotive.com, FuelMeUp.com, GasBuddy.com and GasPriceWatch.com before you head out.HighGasPrices
  2. Location! Location! Location! Have you noticed that gas station along highways are 5-10 cents higher than prices a few miles down the road? This is also true for gas prices in the city versus in the suburbs.
  3. Loyalty Programs. Hy-Vee, Price-Chopper, and other major grocery stores offer loyalty programs that include discounts at the pump. I have friends who rave about their gas saving at Dillionís gas stations when they purchase gift cards during a 4x points promotion.
  4. Check out Wholesale Clubs. Gas prices at wholesale clubs such as Costco or Samís Club tend to have cheaper gas.
  5. Pay Cash. Some gas stations will offer a lower price per galloon if you pay cash. Ask the inside if they have an unadvertised cash discount per gallon on gas.
  6. Get a Rebate. Look into credit cards or gas cards that offer double the point on gas.
  7. Be Brand Specific. Small gasoline companies usually offer gas a few cents lower to try to compete with the major brands.

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