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Stand-up Review: "Maria Bamford: The special special special!"
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Dec. 4, 2012 12:01 a.m.

It doesn't take a sold out theater filled with chuckling comedy nerds to make a great special, in fact in Maria Bamford's hilarious new special there are only two audience members: her parents, and the theater is her living room, and it is hysterical! A brilliantly funny concept brought to life by a brilliantly funny comic. "The special special special!" is Bamford's first special since 2009 and is available for $5 on Chill.com as of late November.
This is a hilarious idea for a special. Here is a comic who regularly pokes fun at her family, mental illness, and suicide in her act, and she does a whole set in front of her parents on video! But it's not just the idea that is so chuckle-inducing, the whole special is consistently funny. Bamford's set is a powerhouse of new bits and characters and she is fearless when it comes to the awkward and the offensive no matter who is in the crowd. She also takes min-breaks throughout her set to do things like serve her guests burnt cookies, tend to her pug, and take a pee break, all of which add to the comedy nicely. "The special special special" also features Wayne Federman on keyboard and an introduction by Jackie Kashian.
This is just an all-around great special with a lot of funny! Well worth the 5 bucks... you get 5 streams and 5 downloads with the option to download in HD. Go to Chill.com and check it out for yourself!
10/10 Cookays

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