Embracing changes takes effort.

So often, change pushes its way into our lives. We have the option of fighting it or, as the rock group REO Speedwagon so eloquently put it years ago, we can “roll with the changes.”

Last week, my co-worker, Connie Dawson, packed up all of her office belongings prior to entering a new phase in life with a new employer. As I helped her load the last box or two into her car, I thought about how this is a ritual is being echoed across the country in today’s down economy. I also reflected about how this routine will soon be repeated as my co-worker Lisa Hart’s job is set to end December 31, 2012, due to the monumental forces shaping and re-sculpting how social services are being provided within the State of Kansas and who provides them.

Finally, I will be moving out as our agency finds a new home in town. Then, I’ll be flying solo.  

Such does this process underscore that life is a process of constant change. We can spend our time fighting or avoiding it, but this only makes the inevitable more burdensome when it comes crashing through our roof or lands upon our doorstop.

Embrace change is my mantra these days. Perhaps a better way of putting this is, latch on with both hands and hold on with all of my might. With all of the question marks on the horizon regarding what my work will look like in 2013 and beyond, I simply hope to survive the storm.

It all reminds me of a blurb that was regularly printed in the University of Wyoming’s student newspaper when I attended graduate school there some 20 years ago. The Buddhist Meditation Group’s listing stated, “We can’t tell you how to withstand the waves, but we can teach you how to surf.”

That’s what I hope to do from here on out: keep surfing with the changes in hopes of avoiding a sudden crash upon the beach that might split my surf board in half.