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Oct. 28, 2012 8:26 a.m.

Everyone has their own idea of quality of life in Leavenworth County, but one factor is surely having the services available that area residents demand, including protection of public safety and health.
That's why LCHS, Inc. encourages everyone to know what they're voting for when they decide who they'll vote for.
Two districts will elect representatives to the County Commission this election. The Commission is the body that allocates resources to our Sheriff's Department, who is the Animal Control Authority for Leavenworth County. If you are among the many who request these services each month, or if you agree that services should be provided, please choose the candidate who is most likely to allocate resources to accomplish that. Don't know where the candidates stand on this issue? Ask them. Tell them what YOU want.
2nd District Clyde Graeber 913-682-4514 and Donald Terrien 913-680-0443
3rd District: Dennis Bixby 913-369-9871 and Michael Yanez 913-417-7036
We will also choose a new Sheriff this election. His approach to Animal Control Services will matter as well. Let the candidates know what you want. Ask them what they plan to do to protect public safety and health as well as enforce the law and resolutions in Leavenworth County.
Andy Dedeke 913-773-8335 and Burdel Welsh 913-660-0560
Your vote matters. Your voice matters.

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