Originally published in the Kiowa County Signal on Oct. 10, 2012.

Kiowa County Economic Development (KCED) Director Dee Chandler has exited the position she has held since December 2010.

Chandler says she no longer works for the KCED, after a mutual decision she and the KCED board of directors made at their Oct. 18 meeting.

“Sometimes it just comes to a point where it is time to go,” said Chandler on Monday. “I was frustrated, they were frustrated and there were a lot of different reasons for that. I think partly [the board] didn’t understand what I dealt with on a day-to-day basis, and I think it was partly my fault for not communicating that with them.”

Chandler said a number of challenges had become a hindrance to her office and even questioned if the board should replace her.

“There is a percentage of the county that doesn’t even think the position should exist,” she said. “There is a large percentage of county residents that don’t want any more change, they’ve just had it. I understand that. If I’m spending half of my time trying to explain why my office exists, there is no point in having it.”

The KCED Corp. is an office jointly funded by Kiowa County ($20,000), the City of Greensburg ($30,000), the Kiowa County Chamber of Commerce ($10,000) and the City of Mullinville ($3,000).