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Program Book for Next Week's Conference
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By Catherine Hart
Oct. 24, 2012 12:01 a.m.

We are getting very excited about bringing folks together for next week's Sustainable Disaster Recovery Conference in St. Louis. The planning team has finished up the program book which will be distributed to participants, and you can check it out here. There is still time to register - for either one or both days of the event. If you are interested in this topic, but unable to attend this year, rest assured that sessions will be filmed and made available online, thanks to the professionals at HEC-TV, one of the sponsors of our event.

This groundbreaking conference is being presented by the Saint University Center for Sustainability, Greensburg GreenTown, and GreenTown Joplin, and will be held on the SLU campus. The conference aims to help areas stricken by natural disasters rebuild strong, livable communities by identifying ways to effectively weave elements of sustainability into the disaster recovery process. Participants will learn about the important of collaboration among the parties who work together to help communities recover. This will also be a good opportunity for any city leaders who are planning for the future viability of their home towns. We will come at the topic from all angles: economic, psychological, meteorological, civic, educational, health & safety, and the like. Conference Chair David Webb was interviewed for television in St. Louis and gives a good overview of the goals of the event.
The line-up of speakers is noteworthy, as we are bringing together experts from the federal government (FEMA, National Renewable Energy Lab, and Department of Defense); leadership from communities that have employed sustainable practices in their rebuild, post-disaster (Greensburg, Joplin, and Valmeyer, Illinois); academia; the nonprofit community (including Architecture for Humanity, the American Institute of Architects); and industry (General Motors, Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, BTI, and others). There will also be folks from disaster communities talking about their personal experience and why they opted to "go green" after losing their homes. We invite you to check out the complete program roster of speakers for inspiration. Check out our conference FAQ section if you're interested in attending and have questions. We look forward to issuing a complete post-conference report in this space.
The program book was beautifully designed by GreenTown Project Manager Joah Bussert. He spent two years in Greensburg as an AmeriCorps staff person in our office, and continues to work for GreenTown from his home base in Denver.

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