Years passed like chapters in a book after the Lord opened his eyes to the truth. Truth about himself, the world, and Gods plan for both.

Years passed like chapters in a book after the Lord opened his eyes to the truth. Truth about himself, the world, and Gods plan for both.

"Got a job for ya Christian, I need a foreman for the Casino I'm building on the reservation, I'm paying $5 an hour, and double time on Sundays,..."

And like a book, his life will be either history or His Story! The Carpenter's Journey has brought him to a juncture where all has to be yielded to The Lord, including direction when roads cross. And in this chapter the intersection has no traffic signal to protect him from dangerous traffic, no information or regulation signs to point the way for him. All that he has is the Word of God as a road map on his dash board, and the still small voice.

All that he has now is all that he needs! But if the Word of God and the still small voice is overshadowed and drowned out by his own desires making his decisions, then he may feel as if God isn't speaking to him. In truth he'll be blinded by his own ambitions! His will won't be God's will. God will not drive him to do His will; that is unless he sanctions a big fish to swallow him up and spit him out on the bank; which he could do. And it wouldn't be the first time he smelt like fish food after stubbornness took it's course. He must be a Doer of the Word, not just a wantadoer!

The Economy in the early '50s was for some, very exciting, and for others, nerve racking. Not everyone took advantage of the opportunities the world offered. Some remembered the recent history of the great depression and found it hard to take risks. Even with new innovations in transportation, things like cabs on tractors, and forklifts on job sites were rare and considered  luxurious. Man power was not rare but was exploited and recompensed. A man could earn enough to raise a family, buy a home, car even a T.V. set. But he worked like a mule and put forklifts out of business by acting like one, to the detriment of his body, and all for his family.  

Whether he took advantage of technology or not, it was impossible to keep up with the growth the nation was experiencing. But prosperity comes with a price, and the more prosperous a man was from self will, the higher the cost would be to him,... later!

The Carpenter is a little older now, if not wiser! And not wanting to learn the same lessons the hard way twice, he's being offered prosperity at the cost of traditions, ethics and moral standards. "So what," the world might say, "opportunity only  knocks once!" But wide is the path to destruction, and narrow is the way of salvation.                                     

.....To Be Continued.

This is the first part of a three part series.