Local Girl Scout Troop No. 50114 will host the Kansas Girl Scouts of the Heartland 100 year celebration in Greensburg this weekend.

Local Girl Scout Troop No. 50114 will host the Kansas Girl Scouts of the Heartland 100 year celebration in Greensburg this weekend.

More than 1,500 Girl Scouts from across Kansas will come to Greensburg to spend the weekend volunteering in town, planting tress, building gardens and engaging in lots of social and civil activities.

“There’s going to be lots of things going around all over the place,” said Greensburg Girl Scout Hope Bookman, “and some other girl scouts are coming too.”

The small group of local Brownies and Daises seemed blissfully unaware of the scope of the coming weekend’s events.

There was no Girl Scout Troop in Kiowa County until last November when Troop Leader Shelby Shafer organized the rambunctious group of seven Kiowa County girls.

“I didn’t have a chance to do very much when I was in the GS, and I heard so much great stuff about it so I wanted to get my daughter involved,” said Shafer. “This is the first year I’ve done it, so I’m still learning. I’ve really enjoyed it and the girls are great, we have a lot of fun.”

The group of girls gathered in the Boy Scout Cabin last week to talk about the upcoming weekend, but seemed unaware of the throngs of Girl Scouts coming into the county, many who will be camping out in lots across from their houses.

Lucy Libby of Haviland said she knew that other Girl Scouts were coming, “That’s why we have more tables out,” she said.

But the conversation turned much more animated when the girls talked about a recent trip to the circus, one of the activities they’ve done as members of the troop.

“Me and Liberty and Hope shared popcorn and we also got to go on the moon bounce,” added Libby.

“My favorite thing was watching all of the people do their acts,” said Liberty Gilkey. “I liked the guy on the motorcycle and there was this girl hanging from her toes.”

The girls have spent the last six months working on projects, going on field trips and getting to know each other.

“We do a lot of different activities with the Daisy’s and the Brownies,” said Troop Leader Shafer. “We are big on the leadership aspect, teaching girls to grow up and be strong leaders and build confidence.”

“In one of our meetings we taught the Daisies about apples and we did a report on apples,” said Emma ??? a Brownie from Mullinville.

On Saturday the girls will take part in the thanking of Girl Scout volunteers as part of the weekend ceremonies. They each designed a letter as part of a ‘thank you’ sign.

“My mom told me to make a butterfly or a flower,” said Rosie Libby, Lucy’s sister. ”I painted it on one of my letters.”

Of course, It can be tough coloring and decorating when your sister is pestering you. “Lucy pulls my hair all of the time,” she added.

As the hosting troop, the girls will also represent Kiowa County in an official capacity.

“We were asked to do the opening and closing flag ceremonies,” said Shafer. “The girls will plant trees at the Senior Center and around town. They’re helping all throughout the day.”

Shafer says she is excited for the future of the Girl Scouts in Kiowa County. Planning future meetings and social events, she says she hopes their numbers increase.

She also feels that her troop may have already ‘broken the ice’ with county residents and possible future Girl Scout moms and dads.

“Everybody loved the cookies we did very well,” she said. “We sold over 2,000 boxes.”