Haviland Kindergarten teacher Carolyn Frasier

School:  Haviland Grade school

Hometown:  Haviland

Education:  B.S. Education Barclay College/Emporia State University

Family: My husband Royce and I have three children  all grown and  married  with families of their own.   We have seven grandkids four and under.

Interests and hobbies   I love doing many different things.  The outdoors is a big part of who I am.  I garden, have lots of flowers and a large yard.  I love water skiing, snow skiing, music, quilting, entertaining.   All of these are very high on my “it’s a great day list, but the new #1 interest and hobby for me is to be with my grandkids!  smile

Why did you decided to become an educator?

The reason I chose to become a teacher was to share what I loved doing myself and  felt  passionate about.  I wanted my life’s work to be about children. Working with them,  teaching  them  skills that would help toward building strong families.   My teaching assignment the first twenty- five years was teaching Family and Consumer Science in Haviland  with  seven of those  years shared between Haviland and Greensburg.  The last three years I have taught Kindergarten which I also have thoroughly loved.  To open a child’s eyes to the world through reading is precious and very rewarding.

Who is a teacher or professor who inspired you and how? 

My first four years of school I attended the Wellsford Grade school where I had Mrs. Ulmer for two years.  (Kids don’t know teachers have first names)  Everyday she was incredibly bubbly.  Each new thing we learned was like the best thing ever.  She opened up such great exciting places for us through the stories she would tell and the books she would read to us.  We laughed together, we played  together, and we would get so wrapped up in the stories we would cry together.  She marked my life in a very positive way.

What are the greatest challenges in education today? 

The crumbling family unit.

What advice can you offer for someone who wants to go into education? 

Do it because that is where your passion takes you.

What teaching moment is most memorable?

No one specific moment but visits, phone calls, cards of appreciation from former students who get the importance of what they learned.