The 5’6” sophomore, had a solid all around season.

The 5’6” sophomore, had a solid all around season. Voters agreed that she brought some important tangibles to the team throughout the year. Though not atop any stats, she was in the top five in five categories including points per game (5.4), total season points (102), field goal percentage (.347), assists (10), offensive rebounds (19), was second in steals (31) and third in steals per game (1.6). She shot a respectable .347 from the field and sinking 16-27 from the free throw line.

“One of our better players in all areas,” said one voter.

“Looking at her stats this season, I wouldn’t be shocked to see her put up MVP type numbers in her senior year and into college,” said another voter. “She’s got potential by the truckload.”

“She was one of our best shooters, especially after Halie went down [with her injury],” said Head Coach Randy Vandenhoek. “She plays hard, she’s a tough defensive player and after Halie was out I told her ‘you have to shoot’, it took her a while to buy into it, but when she did she became a big contributor.”