It's finally here! Star Wars: The Last Jedi releases on December 15. We all need to get the latest Star Wars swag and gifts for more than a few reasons including holiday gifting.

It's finally here! Star Wars: The Last Jedi releases on December 15. Check out  the trailer to get yourself primed.  We all need to get  the latest Star Wars swag and gifts for more than a few reasons including  holiday gifting. Notice the timing of the release of this blockbuster-to-be? No coincidence there. We've searched around and found some great items to help you usher in this new Star Wars saga as well as find decor for the home and Star Wars related gifts for the holidays. Walmart has a whole online page dedicated to Star Wars swag to get you Jedi ready.  

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There are already plenty of cool official The Last Jedi items to start your new collection. Get the Star Wars: The Last Jedi™: The Visual Dictionary, your first guide to the new episode, to be ready to ID the characters, creatures, droids, locations, and technology you’ll be experiencing soon. You'll also want to binge-watch episodes I-IV so pick up Star Wars: The Complete Saga, with all of the movies leading up to Episode VIII as well as more than 40 hours of special features.

We think you should be wearing this The Last Jedi Epic Film Poster Graphic T-shirt when you finally get to see the movie, too. Mark off the days until December 15 and beyond with the The Last Jedi Wall Calendar for 2018 which includes the last four months of 2017 and gives you plenty of room for appointments and Star Wars parties in the planning stages. Kids will love this new keepsake coloring book  featuring fan-favorite artist KatieCook's adorable black & white line art from ABC-3PO and OBI-123.Featuring new characters, ships, and vehicles from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Funko POP! has plenty of cute little Star Wars figures to celebrate the new movie including one of General Leia. We also love the VTech First Order Stormtrooper Smartwatch.  It's the perfect accessory for galactic explorers! Capture every adventure in photos and videos using the built-in camera. Personalize the watch by choosing digital and analog clock faces featuring favorite Star Wars characters and explore time concepts with a timer, alarm and calendar.

Company's coming for the Holidays, sooner than you think and if you're wondering how we're going to come up with Star Wars related home decor items for the holiday, well, you just don't know us well enough. You simply must have these Star Wars light saber BBQ tongs complete with sounds so you can BBQ like a Jedi.  Pick up a pair or two of these Darth Vader oven mitts. They're made from flexible, heat  resistant silicone. This cutting board is a replica of the Death Star and is made with toughened glass. Your holiday morning breakfast should not be without toast imprinted with a tie fighter popping out from a Death Star toaster. 


Give your  kid this cool 3D Illusion Star Wars Night Light which changes colors from red to green to cyan and more. Sure, it's $900, but can you imagine the thrill your Star Wars fan will feel when they get this Anakin Skywalker Lighsaber Force FX Edition? Motion sensors activate authentic sound effects—all of which are digital recordings taken from the movie. A prop replica from "Revenge of the Sith," this reproduction is crafted to look and feel like the real weapon. The lightsaber's durable metal hilt is made of lightly chrome-plated aluminum and the polycarbonate blade is permanently attached to the hilt. This The Black Series Luke Skywalker Force FX Lightsaber is a bit less expensive at under $230.

These socks make a great stocking stuffer. Get a 3-pack pair of Star Wars themed socks for those chilly nights. Sit around the TV on that chilly night and pop (corn) 'til you drop with this Death Star shaped popcorn maker. Get Dad this Special Edition Star Wars Storm Trooper wet and dry electric shaver and styler. Your student will love this Boba Fett Laptop Backpack with plenty of pockets.