Our favorite pick-me-up has a lot of myths surrounding it — it'll stunt your growth, dehydrate you or cause lots of scary diseases. But luckily, we have more evidence that our cup (or multiple cups) of coffee are fine for our health. 

One study funded in part by the British Heart Foundation that drinking even up to 25 cups of coffee each day won't stiffen arteries or harm your heart. 

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London divided over 8,000 people into three groups based on coffee consumption: less than one cup a day, between one and three cups a day and those who drank between three and 25 cups per day. Each person was then given MRI heart scans and infrared pulse wave tests.

"What we found was that drinking more than three cups of coffee a day did not significantly increase the stiffness of blood vessels compared to people who drink one cup or less a day," Kenneth Fung, a researcher in the study, told CNN.

The takeaway? Your coffee consumption won't kill you, but you probably shouldn't drink 25 cups everday — follow the recommended guidelines of about 400 milligrams of caffeine a day. 

Go ahead and grab another cup if you want. You'll be fine. 

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