Greenbacks comeback against Larned to win 35-20

Ruby Howell
Pratt Tribune
Pratt High School’s wide receiver Jesus Acosta trots back to the offensive line for another play Friday.

On Friday, September 25, the Pratt High School Greenbacks traveled to Larned to face the Indians. The Greenbacks were victorious with the final score being Greenbacks 35, Indians 20. Head Coach Brent Hoelting said he is extremely proud of the way his team played last week. 

At halftime, the Greenbacks were down 14-7, and despite this disadvantage, the line came out and absolutely dominated the field in the second half. Hoelting said that the team had 276 yards rushing in the second half alone, and it was awesome to see. Hoelting said that number was testament alone to the players up front, along with Junior Grant Younie and the other receivers. 

“Anytime we can have a balanced attack like that it makes it really tough for the defense to stop,” Hoelting said. “The defense really stepped up in the second half as well. It was a great team win overall and I'm just really proud of this team and how hard they work and want to improve every week.” 

Breaking down that 276 yards, senior Devon Weber led the way with 176 yards rushing, followed by junior Enoch Walton with 91 yards, and then by senior Bryce Winsor with 81 yards. Junior Blake Coss also had an incredible touchdown pass on the 3rd and goal to really finish the game out. 

The Greenbacks play next on Friday, October 2, against the Cheney Cardinals at Cheney High School.