Mental health is topic of Big View coming June 29

Jeanette Siemens
Jeanette Siemens shares plans for next Big View meeting in Pratt with Circles of Hope friends, supporters and participants. [

Circles is a good name for anything right now because if you are like me, I feel I am going in circles, trying to adjust to a new normal and most everything feels different. I was feeling ok because some good things are going to come from all of this, however, after this weekend, it makes you wonder. There is so much built up frustrations and anger in our world. I pray we can come together and make a difference in our thinking, our caring and doing. However, everyone else has been addressing this topic and doing it very well, so I want to talk about my favorite subject and that is Circles of Hope, Pratt County.

We have continued to meet virtually during this time and though it’s not ideal, it has certainly helped us stay in touch with each other. We can see each other; hear each other laugh, although we are probably muted.

We can talk to each other, even though it is more selective, but much better than nothing.

We are hoping that it won’t be long until we can again get together in a group but will definitely have restrictions having masks available, sanitizer, social distancing, etc.

As many of you know, Circles regularly has what is called the Big View meeting or conversation is more like it, on a topic of importance to the entire community. We have one of those scheduled for Monday, June 29 at 6:15 p.m., hopefully at the First Methodist Church on the topic of mental health. We have long determined what an important topic this is to everyone and spent time on it in Circles, but it is even more important during this time as ever.

Physiologist, Dr. Green from PRMC will be with us as well as people from other agencies that offer services and/or have concerns about what and how to deal with this, no matter age, race, or social status.

Mental health isn’t confined to a certain demographic; it is something that touches all of us in some way.

And as with physical ailments, some are more serious than others but no one is immune. As Dr. Green has told us, there is no shame in seeking treatment….if you have a rash, or a broken bone, you seek medical treatment. A mental health issue is not different, just maybe not as visible and you should seek medical treatment.

We hope to be able to have our Big View discussion in person on June 29 at the First United Methodist Church, 6:15ish, in the sanctuary, abiding, of course, by any social requirements. There is a possibility we will be able to broadcast; via Zoom or Face-time but that is not certain. So hopefully you will put this on your calendar and try to join us in some fashion. As I said this is a topic of great importance to everyone, and even more so during this pandemic. Please stay tuned for further information on this topic and mark your calendar.