Hoeme takes on current issues with history in mind, educational goals considered

Deanna Hoeme
Pratt Tribune
Deanna Hoeme shares her views from Preston, Kansas.

What does Thomas Jefferson, our third great president, have to say to us today?

When the United States was a young nation, it had no navy. The Barbary Pirates would capture our men and hold them as hostage and demand ransom for their release.

Congress ordered that three ships be built. The strongest of the three was named Constitution, later renamed Old Ironsides. The attack on 911 was not our first encounter with the Islamic state. This year is the 20th anniversary of that attack on our twin towers in New York City.  How does Jefferson, and the Barberry pirates apply to us today? Jefferson saw the danger of our men being held hostages by the Barbary pirates. Jefferson decided to take a strong stand for freedom for our young nation. In July 1797, the Constitution, the strongest of the three ships, was launched to Tangier to free the Americans held hostage in the capital city.

What is the parallel that President Jefferson saw in the need to free Americans from Islam’s Barbary pirates? Today, in the same way we need to be alert to the attacks over the battle for the minds of our school children. In many schools in America, Critical Race Theory and Wokeism are being taught. Some states have banned CRT from being taught in them, Montana, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, and South Dakota. We, as parents, grandparents, need to be alert to this diabolical evil to capture the minds of our children. Actually, they are God’s children on loan to us.

In his August 2021, newsletter, Dr. James Dobson explains these ideologies, accessed at drjamesdobson.org. He states as follows:

1. CRT is a Marist driven ideology that is in sharp contrast to the Biblical truth that God created us in is His own image, Genesis 1:27.

2. It teaches that white people, especially Christians, are the oppressors, and black people the oppressed. It is not Biblical and is anti-American in its teachings. It is race driven and against our Judeo-Christian values. And our Declaration of Independence which declares “all men are created equal.”

3. Proponents of CRT and Woke seek to destroy the white race by teaching unrest and racism.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said in essence that he had a dream that one day his children would be judged not on the color of their skin but based on their character. We must constantly be striving for this goal

Today we need to be informed and ready to act, as Thomas Jefferson was, to the dangers America is constantly facing especially in our children’s schools and universities.  They are the real prize of the liberals. Jefferson’s efforts were to protect us from an enemy he could see. Today we are called to protect our school children K-12 from an enemy that we cannot see set on capturing the minds of our children.