One From the Road: Ever wondered where green beans come from? Trucker Ron Moore knows the answer

Ron Moore
St. John News
Ron Moore is an over-the-road trucker, grandfather, husband and columnist with a home base in Stafford County.

The one constant thing about trucking is changes. From day to day weather to the changes of the seasons. Awe, the changes of seasons where fall still feels like summer.

Then overnight it turns into winter, which lingers on until summer. It seems like we have spring for only a few weeks. As my cousin Bill, who lives in Maine, says that they have winter, with July and August.

The tree leaves haven't started to change colors. Wait, we are beginning harvest. Over the past 40 years, I have seen plenty of corn, soybeans, milo, and now cotton.

I have big news, I know where green beans come from. I unloaded in Eau Claire, WI. As I was leaving town, I noticed a field of tobacco. That seems to be out of place but I have since read that they grow 1,000 acres. Who would have thought that?

I was heading north to the town of Luck, WI. I came into a town, Chamberlin, east of Luck, I noticed a silage truck with its bed in the air. Then I see the conveyor. It was loaded with green beans.

I then noticed that it was a Libby's factory. I saw another truck heading into town. Now I am looking for a field of beans. Never saw one. I would like to see how they are harvested.

Sweet corn is a big business in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Years ago, I talked to some men about the sweet corn harvest. It's a lot like our wheat harvest, fast, furious, and short.

I do miss the flowers that use to grow in fields west of La Junta, CO. Acres of beautiful flowers, looking like a picture out of a seed catalog. It was only there for a couple of years.

If you live in Kansas, chances are that you have been by a cattle feed yard. Have you seen a sheep feed yard? If you travel west of Ft. Collins, CO., on highway 14, you will be impressed with how many sheep they have.

Every day out on the road, you can see different things. I will keep watching for new stories but if I find out where broccoli comes from, it will be kept quiet. I won't even tell you about the mushroom farms in Michigan.