Haviland Heritage Museum opens for the 2020 season

Hannah Brown
Kiowa County Signal

Haviland Heritage Foundation board members eagerly opened museum doors for the 2020 season on June 13 with a full slate of displays for visitors.

“I’m excited to share the heritage with people in the area,” said Lori Binford. “I’m excited to see how the community has embraced the museum and are continuing to make contributions,”

The original plan for the months of May and June were to focus on the Haviland School System with displays of memorabilia, pictures, and clothing in conjunction with alumni weekend and the All School Reunion. Due to COVID-19, the reunion was canceled and the museum opening was pushed back. June will still witness displays focused on Haviland School’s history. In July and August visitors to the museum will be able to learn about the way area farmers used to harvest their crops with a Heritage and Farming Display. Along with farmhouse memorabilia and farm toys on display, a painting by American artist Mort Kunstler will be on display. September will feature a focus on Historic Homes in Haviland. There will be pictures, facts, and stories about some of Haviland’s oldest and most unique homes. In conjunction with the museum layout, there will be a guided tour that can be taken to see the houses in person while reading about their history.

“We have a lot of new projects on the horizon, such as the home tour planned for late summer early fall,” said Binford. “We are currently working on an opportunity to restore a historic Haviland home, which will allow us to share and display more of our collection.”

The historic home restoration that Binford mentioned is a work in progress but would be a big undertaking for the foundation. As this opportunity materializes there will be more coverage.

The Haviland Heritage Museum is entering its third year of being open, all with Lori Binford as the museum director. The goal of the foundation is to preserve the history and heritage of Haviland while sharing the town’s legacy in tangible ways.