Support for law enforcement shown at Pratt rally

Jennifer Stultz
Pratt pastors Mike Neifert (Pratt Friends Church), with guitar, and Dan Chrismer (Ascension Lutheran), middle, led a prayer support service for Pratt city and county police forces, and all emergency workers on the front lines during uncertain times. The Thursday evening event was organized by Donna Rawlings with the Bread of Life organization.

The sun was hot, the Kansas wind blowing and the gathered crowd small in numbers, but the support felt by Pratt county and city police officers was overwhelming, and they were grateful for appreciation expressed at a community prayer support service Thursday evening in Pratt.

"I wanted to do this because I just felt we need unity and peace in our country," said prayer support service organizer Donna Rawlings. "We are so thankful here, for all of our law enforcement, police, fire, EMS workers. It never hurts to offer prayers for their safety and to let them know, publicly, that we appreciate all that they do on a daily basis."

Pratt Ascension Lutheran Church pastor Dan Chrismer led a group of more than 25 in a prayer of thanks and support, mentioning special protection for all those willing to give their lives for friends known and unknown, every day on the job.

The group gathered sang Amazing Grace, led by Pratt Friends Church pastor Mike Neifert who played guitar accompaniment.

"This says a lot about our community," said Pratt County Sheriff Jimmy White. "This is a good community, a community that cares, our officers are trusted here. We really appreciate this show of support."

Pratt City Police Chief Nate Humble said he was glad to be back in Pratt after a short vacation to Florida.

"Even in light of the unfortunate chain of events that has gripped our country, there is still a lot of good in people," Humble said.

Birds chirped and sang in the background as some in the wide-age-ranged group chatted briefly with officers, then dispersed.

Free water bottles were available to all who needed them.