Harvey County experiences uptick in COVID cases

Mark Schnabel

After a short lull, Harvey County has seen a recent uptick in COVID-19 cases.

Harvey County has had eight new cases of COVID-19 since last Tuesday and has a total of nine active cases.

“Some of those who have had close contact with individuals who have tested positive, and they now have symptoms and have tested positive themselves,” said Harvey County Health Department director Lynnette Redington Tuesday at her weekly briefing. “Three other individuals have contracted it from out-of-state visits.”

She said the range of those currently infected range from the teens to the 70s. One of those individuals is hospitalized.

“It’s often said this is a disease that affects our elderly, know that it affects everyone,” Redington said. “COVID-19 is not gone. COVID-19 is still very active. So everyone should be careful as you are out and about. I want to encourage you to do your daily lifestyle, but I will probably say a couple times today, ‘Wash your hands. I encourage you to wear a mask. And social distancing, keep a safe distance between you and others - at least six feet — so you can reduce transmission of the disease.”

Since the outbreak, Harvey County has had a total of 24 cases, with 13 recovered and two deaths (one directly attributed the virus). As of Tuesday, there have been 1,332 in the county tested.

Statewide, there have been 12,465 cases with 1,056 hospitalizations and 259 deaths.

Harvey County has several major events coming up as the Independence Day holiday arrives that will bring in a sizable number of visitors.

“Again, if you are not sitting with your main family unit, keep some space on the bleachers and others,” Redington said. “Bring a tent if you can. And don’t forget your sunscreen. Keep your hand sanitizer handy. Give each other room and use your mask.”