Budget amendment will keep 911 funds under lock and key after years of misunderstanding

Michael W. Blackford
Pratt Tribune
The City of Pratt features many parks and areas of natural beauty.

Pratt City commissioners met November 1 to finalize a takeover of 911 funds and settle a point of contention for some time between city and county officials.

Brent Carver, City of Pratt Finance Director, said the city was taking over all the 911 funds and to do so required the city to amend the 2021 budget. A public hearing was opened and Carver explained he added a line item to the budget to receive the $156,012.

“Since these funds are highly regulated, I opened a new account. That way the funds will not be comingled with anything else,”

The public hearing was closed after giving everyone present a chance to comment, no one did. The amended budget was passed with hopes money will be spent on actual 911 needs and not siphoned off to county use elsewhere as in the past.

Pratt Police Chief Nate Humble reported that the work on the law enforcement center evidence room is progressing and should be finished soon. Humble said nine UTV’s have been permitted.

“We are down a dispatcher position and I have one interview for a police officer," Humble told city commissioners.

Walter Stockwell, director of Pratt County 911 Dispatch has resigned from that position after many years of service to the city and county, as of late October 2021. He was a strong advocate for a change in how 911 funds were managed by county and city entities.

Pratt City Attorney Regina Goff presented the commissioners with Ordinance 2117 “Amending Original Ordinance Concerning Sunday Sales of Alcoholic Liquor in the Original Package."

“In keeping with the discussions from previous meetings, this keeps the ordinance like it is now but cleans up the language from a legal standpoint,” Goff said.

Mayor Gary Schmidt asked for a commission vote.

“Since we have already discussed it and this is what we decided we wanted, let’s vote," he said.

The ordinance was passed unanimously.