Ryan asks community for support to reach matching-fund level to keep the Twilight comfortable

Edward J. Naughton
Kiowa County Signal
George Ryan is the General Manager of Twilight Theater in Greensburg, where funds are needed to repair an HVAC unit.
The Twilight Theater in Greensburg is a hub of community life and entertainment.

George Ryan has got a lot on his plate as General Manager for the Twilight Theater in Greensburg. He used to be a full-time chef, but the problem he is facing now is not a lack of food to cook, but rather a lack of cool to cool. The HVAC system at the theater is not working right and customers in the lobby and concessions area might find it a bit too warm at times because there is a leak forcing shut-downs in the air conditioning of those rooms. Ryan is in the middle of a massive community fund-raising campaign to get the issue fixed and he could use any and all funds possible from supporters.

The system in question is 7 years old, basically in line with the age of the building itself, which happens to be one of the best built theaters found anywhere in the country, according to Ryan. The facility features an impressive 400-seat capacity, a New York City-size stage and amenities not usually found in a town as small as Greensburg.

"We have on our roof four large units basically the size of mini-vans to both heat and cool the theater," Ryan said.

One of the units which covers the lobby and concessions area of the building and that is the unit that has suffered a significant leak of late which will require a very expensive repair, or alternatively, replacement of the entire unit.

Ryan said he hopes that people who read this article will visit his Facebook site at Greensburg Twilight Theater to learn more about the goings-on at Twilight. It is a hub of community-life for the area, he said.

He said he is also hopeful that people in the community who feel a strong connection to the theater itself and want to see it prosper as a vital part of the Greensburg community will consider making a donation towards repairs needed, noting that the three remaining large AC units that cover all other areas like the auditorium are for now checked out and running fine. But they may one day need repair or replacement as well.

Peoples Bank of Greensburg has a program that offers a matching $5,000 amount in dollars if Ryan can raise $5,000 through donations and fund-raisers. He hoping to reach that $5,000 figure in order to apply for the matching $5,000 soon, so that repairs can be pursued.

"For about $20,000 we can purchase and obtain a professionally installed replacement of the unit entirely and that would be under warranty," Ryan said.

Ryan pointed out how important the auditorium is to the youth especially in Kiowa County because the high school did not build an auditorium at their campus, one of the main reasons was so that they might save money given the high cost of construction for their high school building.

The drama department at Kiowa County High School routinely uses the stage at Twilight Theater for their unique school stage productions like plays and choir. 

The community also enjoys first-run movies often at the theater, as well as favorite re-runs, which will continue whether or not repair funds become reality. Comfort is at stake however, and Ryan said he welcomes any and all inquiries about the fund-raising project.