Pratt City Commission: Short meeting held by zoom because of two absent commission members

Michael W. Blackford
Pratt Tribune
The Pratt City Commission members have been considering a proposal to allow Sunday sales of cereal malt beverages in Pratt.

The Pratt City commission meeting was record setting short on October 4, 2021. The meeting was called into session, a motion to table all agenda items until next meeting was proposed, seconded and passed. And then a motion to adjourn until the October 18 meeting was put forth, seconded and passed. The reason given for the meeting postponement was because Mayor Gary Schmidt and Commissioner Zach Deeds were both unable to attend in person. They were present on zoom and voted on these two items. City Clerk Luann Kramer said she did not know why the two commission members were unable to attend the meeting in person.

A third agenda item, ‘Consideration of Ordinance 2117 Authorizing Sunday Sales of Alcoholic Liquor and Cereal Malt Beverage in the Original Package’ was likely suited better for in-person discussion at a future city meeting and not via zoom. This ordinance was presented at a prior meeting and generated some lively discussion. At that time, Mayor Schmidt said he wanted more time to dig into the issues and proposal before voting to allow it in Pratt. The city commissioners will again take up this question on October 18 for those who may be interested in voicing an opinion one way or another.

The other two agenda items were in regards to annexation of certain land and property around the city. A recommendation to annex 1401 Parkview Drive and then a list of other non-specified properties to be discussed.

"The annexation process is not as simple as the city making the decision ‘because they want to’," said Regina Goff, City Attorney. "There are 14 questions that must be addressed by state statute."