Moss creatively overcomes most challenges at The Flower Shoppe in Pratt

Airam Fernandez
Pratt Tribune
Deborah Alice, an employee at The Flower Shoppe, works on a special arrangement.

What do Covid19, the recent Arctic temps in Texas, and Valentine’s Day have in common for Pratt? All combined to affect business for the Flower Shoppe during the same time period.

The Texas weather affected this small local business in Pratt, Kansas. Lou Lynne Moss, the owner of the Flower Shoppe had a rough time receiving flowers for her business during the cold snap. Yet, she was able to deliver her creative flower orders as promised.

Even from a distance, one customer was able to get a gift for a valentine during the cold snap. 

“Living in Manhattan, Kansas I was grateful to have a local Pratt flower shop to call into and order flowers for everyone special in my life, during Valentine’s Day,” said customer Andres Fernandez.

Valentine’s Day is typically one of the busiest times of the year for Moss. Well-known in Pratt for around 43 years, her Flower Shoppe has served many loyal customers, no matther the challenges. With the cold weather, flower shipping was delayed, thus slowing down the rate of Moss’ Valentine’s Day orders.

Moss lives in the same building as The Flower Shoppe, and this was a beneficial situation during the COVID- 19 pandemic. She didn’t have to travel back and forth, and everything came to her: shipping and customers.

The Flower Shoppe was been considered an essential business under the agricultural field during the pandemic. Still, staying open was difficult because shipping and receiving was significantly slowed down during the COVD-19 pandemic from state to state. On a typical work week some days were full of busy work with many flower orders, some days were slower.

One ongoing challenges as a local business has been ordering flowers in bulk. The Flower Shoppe being labeled a local business struggles to gain the same power as a wholesale company ordering flowers.

This challenge impacted Valentine’s Day sales in February this year.

Another challenge Moss has faced was trying to get a good cash flow, especially before the use of credit cards. She began her business when one of her friends convinced her to open up and use her creativity to create floral arrangements. She has learned to be ready for anything and work consistently.”

“I provide flowers because they make everyone feel good,” she said.

Many of Lynne’s employees have been part-time employees due to the fact that most of her work is from a day-to-day basis. One of the employees she does have is Deborah Alice.

“I like the creative opportunities here and making people’s ideas come to life through flowers and decorations,” Alice said.

Alice, along with shop owner Moss, use their skills to offer flowers for all kinds of occasions including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, homecoming and prom. They stay on the cutting edge of trends in the flower business and post new themes, ideas and special projects on Facebook for all to see. 

The Flower Shoppe is located at 201 East 4th St, Pratt. To put in an order, walk in or call (620) 672-7231 Monday through Saturday from 9-5 p.m.