Senator Moran meets Kiwanis on Veterans Day in Pratt

Jennifer Stultz
Pratt Tribune
Senator Jerry Moran (second from left) visited Pratt on Veterans Day, stopping in at the Pratt Regional Medical Center to see an avenue of flags put up by Pratt Kiwanis Club members (from left) Dean Hoover, Ron Moser, Sandy Hazlett, Brian Atteberry (and others not pictured), and to visit with local veterans.

The Pratt Kiwanis Club,  a small but mighty presence in the community, has a tradition of placing flags around the city of Pratt for holidays and special events. For Veterans Day 2020, members stepped up to the plate and put out the usual 100  or more American flags, plus made a special stand of 15 flags just for Veterans Day at the Pratt Regional Medical Center.

Senator Jerry Moran was invited to view the flags and came to spend some time visiting with local veterans and Kiwanis Club members on November 11, Veterans Day, in Pratt.

Moran, who has served on the Committee of Veterans Affairs for several years, took the chairman’s position in January 2020.

“Our focus is on two main issues, veteran’s mental health assistance and suicide prevention," Moran said.

Moran fielded questions about the recent election, including ballot counting, ballot distribution and voter registration issues.

“I’m going to ask questions about why we had voters who did not request ballots getting ballots sent to them in the mail,” Moran said. “There are still unanswered questions surrounding the election.”

Moran said that in Kansas, and other states, absentee ballots used to be issued only to those who needed them and could not get to their polling stations, but all that was expanded to included people who wanted ballots because of the coronavirus.

He also said he was very concerned about the divisions in the country that may have stemmed from issues other than the election.

“I have no doubt that Russia is involved with trying to mess us up,” Moran said. “It has been proven that Russia uses our social media to create an uproar, create problems among our citizens. It is a cheap and easy way to get us to fight among each other and get sidetracked from the real issues.”

As for his visit to Pratt, Moran said he wished the rest of the world could see how Kansas operates on Veterans Day.

“You have something truly special here,” he said. “Unity and goodwill and respect for each other goes a long way. I hope to bring that back to the Senate.”