Unique bench installed at Starlight Park in Greensburg

Alesa Miller
Thomas Derstein, Judi Kirk, Michelle Somaduran and Colin Seacat took time out last Saturday to try out a new bench the Public Arts Committee installed at the Starlight Park in Greensburg.

A new bench installed at Greensburg’s Starlight Park last Saturday is approximately 7-feet-long and curved into the shape of a question mark. It is made out of carbide steel and painted with truck-bed liner paint to assure sustainability. The bench follows the path of the stars in the design used in other pieces with constellations cut out in the seat.

“We wanted a place where people could come and sit and enjoy things that are happening on Main Street, or just sit in peace and enjoy the artwork,”  said Public Arts Committee (PAC) member Thomas Derstein.” “We wanted a bench that was a piece of artwork as well as a place to sit.”

Committee President Judi Kirk said her group was also concerned with sustainability.

“We knew this would be out in the elements and we wanted it to last,” she said. “We hope this inspires people to bring more art to town. ”

Although for now this will be the final piece of art in the park the committee will be adding, they do hope to add more trees in the near future.

“More than anything we hope this inspires others to come and add their own piece of sustainable art or plant a tree or flowers in someone’s memory,” Kirk said. “The park is accepting donations although the park belongs to the city, those interested in doing something can contact Stacy Barnes at City Hall.”

For now the park is like a garden, complete with landscaping that encompasses all of their art pieces placed there.

The group choose the blue color of the bench to match the other pieces of artwork in the park.

Colin Seacat designed the piece on the computer. Then after the committee gave its approval, Seacat cut it out on a plasma cutter. Seacat, who lives in Bucklin, began his career by welding on the farm, then went to college and now he is doing this type of work. He also created a sign on the brick pillar at the park.

Starlight Park began in November 2015 when Kyler Ludwig asked Judi Kirk to form a committee to bring public art to Greensburg for the tenth anniversary of the tornado. In December of that same year, a 14 member committee began to scour the internet for information about public art and affordable artist. In Feb of 2016, the Public Arts Committee (PAC) presented a plan to the City Council and was told to proceed as presented. Since that time three statues and landscaping have been installed to create Starlight Park, located across the street from the St John’s Bank on South Main Street. The group envisions more greenery in the park in the future since there is a dire need for shade trees. Members encourage everyone to come out and enjoy the art, sit a spell and delight in the beauty that is downtown Greensburg.

Committee members unable to attend the installation were Shawn Cannon, Kerri Ulrich, Amber Campbell, and George Ryan. Those installing the bench and taking time for pictures included Thomas Derstein, Judi Kirk, Michelle Somaduran and Colin Seacat.