Horse farm keeps Jacks brothers busy in southcentral Kansas

Hannah Brown
This young filly, born on Easter Sunday, is a nice addition to Double Spade Horse Company, owned by brothers Evan and Dylan Jacks in Kiowa County.

The days are getting longer and the air is getting warmer, spring has arrived! Along with spring comes new life. For brothers Evan and Dylan Jacks, that means welcoming seven new colts to their herd. The Jacks brothers, who own Double Spade Horse Co., are expecting three more this spring.

“It’s stressful and awesome all at the same time, it’s what we wait for all year and it only takes about 45 days for everyone to be born,” said Evan. “I really enjoy going out to check on them and see if we have any new ones. It’s always interesting to see what the crosses that we have anticipated will produce.”

The Jacks brothers both have full-time, off the farm jobs. Evan works as a Kansas Highway Patrolman; Dylan works at Chain Ranch in Medicine Lodge. But at the home ranch near Haviland, both dedicate off-time hours to their horse business. Dylan shared that he believes a key component to a healthy herd is having mares that are in good shape. A healthy mare will be able to raise a good colt and take good care of herself while doing so. The Haviland natives have around 35 horses in their herd, between mares, colts, and riding horses. This fall, the brothers expanded their mare herd, so they expect to have several more colts in the spring of 2021. Their breading program stems from the want to raise horses they could ride and work off. Horses with natural cow sense and ones that could sustain long, hard days on the ranch. The hope is that the horses will be athletic and versatile.

For Evan, his love for horses started when he was 13. Pastor Everett Jantz gave Evan and Dylan a yearling filly, which Evan started. After breaking her, he was hooked. Since then, the two brothers have bought several horses from Jarod and Ed Koger, while also adding horses at sales.

“My love for agriculture comes from being raised on a farm and ranch, and being taught the values of hard work through that platform,” said Dylan. “It has taught me values and more importantly how important it is to trust in the Good Lord no matter the circumstances, he controls the outcome of our livestock and crops.”

Evan and his wife Erica live just outside of Haviland. Dylan and his wife Sierra reside in Medicine Lodge.