FORT LEAVENWORTH — The Frontier Army Museum on Fort Leavenworth features thousands of pieces of military artifacts and Leavenworth history.

Megan Hunter, museum specialist at the facility, said one of the most popular exhibits is the Lincoln carriage.

Hunter said it is the same carriage used by Abraham Lincoln during his December 1859 visit to Leavenworth.

An extensive exhibit is the one featuring the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

“The U.S. Army played an important role in those days mapping the West,” Hunter said. “The exhibit has many instruments used by the explorers in their scientific experiments in this area.”

Also featured is a bi-plane, nicknamed “Jenny,” which is displayed high near the ceiling of one room.

Hunter said the Curtiss JN4D bi-plane was used during the Mexican Punitive Expedition to hunt down Pancho Villa.

Hunter said the oldest piece in the museum is a 1763 flintlock musket, which is displayed in a glass case.

The museum also features numerous weapons, uniforms, medals, maps and more.

The original collection at the museum began in 1939.

Hunter said there are some 6,500 artifacts at the museum, although only about 5 percent are on display.

“The Fort Leavenworth gallery highlights the importance of Fort Leavenworth’s role in the exploration and expansion of the nation throughout the 19th century as well as its continuing role in soldier education,” according to the museum’s website.

Each year, the museum hosts Night at the Museum. The annual event, hosted by the Friends of the Frontier Army Museum, features a series of 35-minute guided tours of the museum.

The volunteer organization that supports the museum hosts the event each year in an effort to expose young people to the rich history of the Leavenworth area.

“We want to get kids initiated in history,” said Hunter.

The Friends of the Frontier Army Museum also hosts a Fort Leavenworth Historic Homes Tour and a Fort Leavenworth Haunted Homes Tour.

The Frontier Army Museum is located at 100 Reynolds Ave. on Fort Leavenworth.

For more information, call 913-684-3767.