Thursday’s paper again showed me why I keep my Hays Daily subscription. How else can one keep up to date on ignorant people. You need to know what they think even if they don’t realize how they sound.

Front page about funding education: Once again we hear about the need for large increases in funding in order to help the 25 percent of the state’s students who are struggling with reading and math. We have heard this mantra quite a bit this last year. We have poured money into education year after year and still are behind in overall achievement. How will another $250 million achieve the goal? I am asking Sen. Laura Kelly, D-Topeka, she wants more … .

Front page again: Jim Barnett wants to expand Medicaid, take care of a lot of people with limited resources, wants to fully fund education, and sees infrastructure as an immediate need. He probably should talk to Sen. Laura Kelly, D-Topeka. She may have the answers. They might make a pair.

Opinion page: Rex Huppke, columnist for the Chicago Tribune. He wants the Ken doll to have a penis. What can be said about a grown man wanting a boy doll to have a penis. Sounds like a partially educated pedophile. This is one guest columnist you can permanently dispose of. What crap.

I am trying to paper train a new puppy, and he refused to use that paper. But then I had the guest commentary from Chicago facing up.

John Pyle,