MCPHERSON — It was a big day for third- through fifth-graders at Lincoln Elementary — one of service, fun and learning throughout the day.

The first “Experience Day” of the year — there is another coming in the spring — featured a service project, Taekwondo, Bootcamp, a min ComicCon, snag golf and Pokeman.

The service project was making Christmas ornaments.

“We did a community art project and made tiny Christmas trees to take to elder care homes for decorations,” Tammie Benham.

On Friday, the first and second grades will go through their own Experience Day.

The ComiCon secured a visit from a comic book author from Wichita — Chip Reece of Wichita. Reece authored “Metaphase,” is an all-age 70-page graphic novel funded by a Kickstarter campaign.

“It quite literally has its roots in my son’s real-life story, but with a superhero twist,” Reece wrote on his Kickstarter page. “Lash, Ollie’s dad in the story, is a superhero on par with the likes of Superman. His life is changed when he has a son with all the physical vulnerabilities that come along with having heart defects and Down syndrome.”

As Ollie gets older he becomes tired of his father’s unwillingness to include him in superhero adventures. Fueled by his desire to be “super” Ollie turns to “Meta-Makers, “a company that claims it can give anyone powers through chromosome tampering.

“I wanted to use both my enthusiasm for comic books and love for my son to create a story that celebrated my child’s amazing story, while also creating a superhero who he and others with Down syndrome could identify with,” Reece wrote.

Other visitors to Lincoln included a representative of Sand Creek Station Golf Course in Newton, Somer Van Pelt of the McPherson YMCA, Rex Williams with the American Taekwondo Academy and Jed Litwiller with Village Geek.