GREENSBURG — Ray Richard Reves passed away at home on 12-7-19, in Greensburg, KS. He was known by those who loved him as Rich and in his early work days as Jimmy. 

Rich was born on 9-20-46, in Westmoreland, KS to his beloved parents Raymond Reves and Mabel Smith Reves. 

Rich grew up on two family farms in Pottawatomie County, KS, the later known to his children as the  "farm on the cliff." Rich was the youngest of 5 children (Lucille Keen, Lilah Gordon, Franklin Reves and Roy Reves). Rich was born one year after Roy and the pair were inseparable. They avoided farm chores, played basketball and football  together, ran around town, and later leaned on each other when Roy came home from Vietnam. Rich grew up surrounded by his cousins (Mike Reves, Dale Reves, Kenny Reves, Danny Reves, Bruce Reves, Norma Larsen), nieces and nephews and his aunts and uncles particularly Aunt Gertie who he said was very strong and Uncle Vernon who could ride a unicycle.

Rich graduated from Blue Valley High School in 1964. He was voted The Cutest and Most Athletic Boy by his class. He was the quarterback on the football team and sustained knee injuries that would prevent him from serving in Vietnam. He cherished his childhood friendship (Jim S., Duane L., Max L., Dennis H.), spoke to his friends often and attended every reunion. In his 50's, Rich attended Pratt Community College where he enjoyed learning. He thought his focus in high school was probably more social than academic.

Rich worked for Kansas Gas Services for 42 years before retiring in 2008. He was a member of IBEW local 304, where he was a shop steward, Treasurer and served in many other capacities. He believed in unions and supported them until his death. Rich had many work friends whom he loved and shared life (Mike O., Louis S., Mike D., Mike W., Van F.). They played golf, went to K-State football games, laughed and supported each other until his final days. 

Rich married Pamela Hubbell Reves on 6-2-1979, in Salina KS. They raised three children James Reves (Greensburg, KS), Rodney Weber (Danielle) (Ellinwood,KS) and Denita Weber (West Hartford, CT). 

Rich coached softball, cheered from the stands, was assistant set designer, and drove countless miles across Kansas supporting his children.

He has four grandchildren: Brandon Carr, Shaun Weber, Marley Green and Zachary Green. 

Rich moved to Greensburg, KS in 1981. He attended coffee every morning where he argued over politics and chatted about the news. The camaraderie of these friendships kept him invigorated. Rich was liberal and supported legislation for better schools, gun control, and universal health care. Rich was proud to sport a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker around town. Rich was an avid golfer and played at the Cannonball Golf Course for 38 years.  

Memorial donation in his name can be made to the Cannonball Golf Course, Greensburg, KS 67054.

Rich was a kind person and gentle soul, who will be deeply missed by his friends and family.  

Services are scheduled for December 13, 2019, 3:30 p.m., at the Greensburg Mennonite Church, 310 W. Pennsylvania Ave., Greensburg, KS. Following the services, dinner and refreshments will be served at the Cannonball Golf Club.    Interment will be at Wheaton Congregational Cemetery in Wheaton, KS.

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