A Dear Santa letter with a community focus from Jeanette Siemens, Pratt.

Dear Santa
This is my list of things I would like this year for Christmas.
Blessings for all those that have been generous with their money, time and expertise for the good of the community.
Continued growth and support of the Hope Center and the Circles out of Poverty program
For more community people willing to serve as allies for Circles
Continued success for those Circle Leaders that are working so hard to change their lives around to a positive.
For peace in our nation and around the world
For openness to new ideas and change
Respect for all, regardless of color, culture, religion, or upbringing
Participation by the community in all the great things we have to offer such as our parks, art, sports venues, library, museums, skating rink, theater to name just a few.
Food for those that are hungry
The warmth of a fire for those that are cold.
A bed for those that are tired.
A friend for those that are lonely.
A job for those who need it.
Good health
Strength for those that are burdened with physical, mental and other issues.
Blessings for my family and wonderful friends.
Blessings on this community.