GREENSBURG — Every year since 1985 Cub Scout members from Kiowa County have held a food drive to support local food pantries in their county.

This year Pack 210 in Greensburg gathered food by standing outside of Dillons on Nov. 2, collecting food donations from customers.

“In the past we use to go door to door, but we would end up having to throw away about half of it because it would be expired donations," said pack leader Jason West. "This year, we just thought we would go to the store and let people pick things up and bring it right out to us so it would be fresh. The boys had a great time serving their community this way and meeting the public."

The scouts gathered several hundred pounds of food and delivered it to the Kiowa County Ministerial Alliance Food Pantry.

Pastor Jeff Miller, director of the pantry, gave the scouts a tour of the facility, explaining that anyone in the county may come on the third Friday of the month and receive pre-bagged food donations for their family. As size of family and need varies, so does the amount of groceries received.

Miller said there is no income verification required for food pantry recipients, but families may only receive food one time per month.

As part of the food pantry tour, the scouts learned the donations they collect help the elderly and those families who are hard-working but their paycheck just doesn’t quite stretch enough to pay the bills and put food on the table.

Pack 210 also learned that the food pantry serves two purposes, one for the Ministerial Alliance and another as a distribution point for USDA commodities regulated by the state. Recipients are required to meet an income specification for the commodities and those products are measured out.

"We are very thankful for the support of our local Cub Scouts pack for their donations," Miller said. "Because of their hard work, those who came to the food pantry during the month of November will receive a turkey and much of what they need for a Thanksgiving meal."