Church members from Sawyer are gathering donations and gifts for needy children.

A pair of Old German Baptist teens made their way through downtown Pratt during the Big Truck Parade on a special mission last Saturday.
The girls, Cambria Fisher and Tara Miller, were wearing big shoe box costumes and encouraging people to attend their bake sale at the Pratt Public Library to raise money for Samaritan’s Purse “Operation Christmas Child.”
In this program, people pack shoe boxes with items that will be sent to underprivileged children around the world, Fisher said.
The shoe boxes should be packed with school supplies, toys, hygiene products, clothes or any item that can fit in the shoe box.
The Pratt Public Library opened their doors to the Old German Baptist Church, based in the Sawyer community, and pulled out all the stops to provide a place to sell baked goods prepared by Old German Baptist cooks, Fisher said.
While the shoe boxes will have needed items, the bake sale was designed to raise money to help pay for shipping expense.
“Shipping costs a lot,” Fisher said.
The Old German Baptist Church chose this project to help under privileged children and at the same time, spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Check out for more information about providing Christmas gifts for needy children.