Mullinville city council considers a lease-option of old elementary school building for re-purpose into a youth home.

Jim Turner was back at the Mullinville city council meeting Monday, September 16 to discuss his idea to rent part of the city building for a youth home for boys.
Turner told council members  that he will remodel the building that will ultimately house 14 boys. He offered $12,000 a year as well as payment of  all utilities for the building and insurance. Two rooms presently used by the city will remain at their disposal.
“ I think the council is in favor of it, if all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed in the contract,” said Tom Daniels, Council President.
He referred to having a non-profit set up, letters of intent from contractors to donate funds and a board of directors started, plus fundraising in place.
“I don’t want to put a bunch of time effort and money into it if the council isn’t interested,”  Turner said. “If you think this will help the community I am willing to put forth the effort to do so.”
Council member Todd Alexander asked the question: “What does it matter what he has, it will be his problem if the project fails, we will just be leasing the building to him. We won’t be running the youth home.”
After some discussion council members said they would entertain the offer and Turner said he would have a contract ready for discussion in the next 30-60 days.
City council members then went into recess for a brief moment to help a stranded motorist who walked in off the street.
When the meeting resumed Sharilyn Hall, City Council member, volunteered to represent the council on the  5.4.7 Arts Center’s Friends of M.T. Liggett’s Committee.
A team of nine people are working on the project and have been since earlier this year. The Kolher Foundation hopes to be completed with their part of the project in 2020. It will then be turned over to the local 5.4.7. Arts Center which is a 501c3 Art Center.  The center will then be responsible for maintaining the project and handling the paperwork and bookkeeping. Members of the Friends of M.T. Liggett committee will  help maintain the property and pieces to assure the artwork is kept in the best possible care.
Semi Ordinance 323 was discussed again and needed adjustments, those that were discussed  to be made, were “It shall be unlawful to park these vehicles overnight or any daytime parking longer than 2 hours.” it was approved with the corrections made. A sign will be placed on Main Street once it is completed to endeavor to assure the upcoming newly paved road work this is to begin in 2-3 weeks is preserved for as long as possible. 
The Mayor informed the council that a flag pole approved in the city council meeting a year ago was purchased for $422.45 which came in under budget, and came with and American and State flag.
Two credit card proposals for the city were considered for online purchases. One from Peoples Bank in Greensburg and another from the Mullinville State Bank in Mullinville. Council members voted to go with Peoples Bank who was the first one offering the option to the city and appeared to be the most willing to work with the city, according to city staff.
Nicole Cooper, city clerk, updated the council on the Quickbook training class which she and Tammy Alexander the City Treasurer took.  The classes allowed up to 5 people to go through the training.
 online and will teach them how to work with the unique city situations.
city. The cost was $678.00 with a $30.00 a month fee that will continue to as long as services and training is desired. The council approved the purchase and use of the online training classes.
The city then went into Executive Session for non-elected personnel.