Kiowa County High School students congratulated by state for good efforts.

Kiowa County High School is taking every advantage it can to help its students find jobs and was recently rewarded for those efforts. Jobs for America’s Graduates-Kansas ( JAG-K),  announced that Kiowa County High School has earned the Jobs for America’s Graduates 5 of 5 Award.
The 5 of 5 Award is bestowed upon those JAG programs that meet or exceed the performance measures in five categories: graduation rate, successful outcomes, employment, post-secondary enrollment and job placement.
 “JAG-K is a partnership with our school that offers elective classes to provide supports to ensure students earn their diploma,” said USD 422 Principal Travis Powell. “JAG-K gives our students opportunities to explore post-secondary education, military or careers, as well as allow them to practice their soft skills and leadership and self-development skills.”
JAG-K has a 12-month follow-up period with all seniors as part of its successful evidence-based, data-driven national model. Seven JAG-K regions and 35 JAG-K programs also earned the 5 of 5 Award. JAG-K students had a graduation rate of 98 percent for the Class of 2018.
“We are pleased with the partnership we have with the administrators, teachers and staff in the USD #422 school district,” said JAG-K President and CEO Chuck Knapp. “The 5 of 5 Award is a testament to that partnership and the great work of our Career Specialists and the perseverance and dedication of our students.”
That career specialist is Marcus Mitchell at USD 422.
“The JAG-K program prepares students for life after high school. Every single thing we do in class students can apply it to the real world,” Mitchell said. “We help students identify their strengths and improve their weaknesses. Some of the topics we cover in class include but not limited to: how to get hired, how to keep a job, job shadowing, small business and financial literacy. Throughout the year we go on college visits and hear from a wide variety of guest speakers (college admissions representatives and careers).
“This is my fourth year to be the JAG-K Specialist at Kiowa County High School/Junior High and one of my all-time favorite students is Kade Trummel,”  Mitchell said. “It has been awesome watching a shy and quiet student blossom into the young man he has become today. He went from being really reserved to getting 4th place in the Regional Career Development Conference Public Speaking competition last year. A great example of what this program is all about.”   
JAG-K is a nationally accredited in-school program is an elective course that teaches students career and leadership development skills, requires community service, provides time for academic remediation and ensures students master a minimum of 37 core life-skill competencies. The learning strategies of the national JAG model are primarily introduced through Project Based Learning.
More information about JAG-K is online at