Kansas State Fair visitors enjoyed opportunity to remember, learn more about Greensburg.

Wooden nickels, Big Well pennies and tornado memories were on the minds of many visitors to the Greensburg promotion booth at the 2019 Kansas State Fair. All were part of Big Well Museum and Travel and Tourism Director Caitlin Matile's plan to create public awareness and interest people in coming to visit Greensburg and Kiowa County in person in the future.
"I've been at the state fair many years, the past few promoting Garden City," Matile said. "But this year it was all about Greensburg and it was very enjoyable experience."
For 10 days during the first two weeks of September, Matile was stationed at the Greensburg booth in the Sunflower Building at the Kansas State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson meeting and greeting those who stopped by to chat.
"I had a lot of people stop by and ask if Greensburg is back to full-strength after the 2007 tornado," she said. "It's amazing how many still have memories of that event and stop by to share them."
Matile said many visitors were interested in picking up the free wooden nickels and Big Well pennies she was giving away at her booth.
"I took over 5,000 Big Well wooden nickels and all were gone except two small jars," she said. "The pennies gathered from the bottom of the well each August went really fast too and were all given out."
Matile said that most people who stopped by the booth knew where Greensburg was and had been there before. A common comment was how much they would like to come by and see the changes since they've been there last, she said.
"I invited them all to come sell that we have to offer in Kiowa County, Greensburg and especially the Big Well Museum," Matile said. "It was a nice, normal crowd this year, a very enjoyable time spent at the fair."