Pratt girls tennis players take second at Hillsboro competition

On Tuesday, Sept. 3, the Pratt High School tennis team headed to Hillsboro where #1 singles player Erin Jackson placed 1st, and #2 singles player Rachel Reichenberger placed 2nd.
Jackson said the team is rapidly improving even though it is very young.
“Considering we’re a brand new team, I’ve seen a lot of improvement throughout all of them,” Jackson said. “There have been a lot of people thrown into varsity who’ve never played varsity before or any match at all.”
Though the first-year players haven’t won games, Jackson says they are making progress. Their first meet, they didn’t win any sets, they are starting to win games within the sets.
“It’ll take a couple of meets for everyone to improve enough to win meets.”
The extreme heat  affected the players, with two of Jackson’s opponents getting sick during sets.
“Heat has been a major component in how we’ve played,” Jackson said.
Many opponents have graduated some key seniors, but like Pratt, young talent is rising in the league and region.
“There was a lot of talent in the seniors that I saw in last year’s competition, but there are new people in different positions,” Jackson said. “Competition is pretty evenly spread throughout.”
Jackson, like the rest of the team, is excited to progress even more this season, and hopefully win even more games, sets and matches.
“I’m just really looking forward to this year, and growing through the next couple of years,” Jackson said. “We’ve got a lot of talent coming up.”