Youth Core Ministries in Pratt and Greensburg has new leadership for mission to connect youth to Christ.

Youth Core Ministries has a new Core Life Director. Joe Catlett was named Core Life Director on Friday, August 16.  Catlett is replacing Ethan Chance at Youth Core Ministries. Catlett, 22, is from Broken Bow Nebraska but is now a student at Barclay College in Haviland.
His new duties will include, lesson and game planning as well as volunteer organizer for their group meetings on Wednesdays. Catlett plans to build relationships with the students of Kiowa County through different activities such as eating lunch and breakfast with them at various times, and hanging out with them at Core Life.
“I grew up going to church but it never had a meaning to why we went,” Catlett said. “I didn’t have a relationship with Christ or even know I needed one.”
Catlett said it was during a crisis time of his life that he attended a Bible study in the basement of a dorm in at Wayne State in Nebraska, and that changed his life. It was there that he heard for the first time Romans 10:9 “If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”
Catlett said his life has never been the same.
Two months after Catlett gave his life to Christ, he went to Timberlake Ranch Camp in Nebraska, a Christian camp where, he began to feel the desire to want to work with youth. A year later at the same camp, he found out about Barclay and decided to give up pursuing computer programing as a career and follow the call of God on his life,  to point youth to him.
“I see so many kids like I was and I just want to make a difference in their lives and point them to Jesus like those guys in the Bible study I was in, did for me,” Catlett said.
This is Catlett’s second year at Barclay and he got involved with Youth Core when one of his classes for his major required him to observe different youth groups. Catlett liked Youth Core so much he stayed and volunteered, that volunteering took him camping with the kids this summer as well as helping in several other areas of the ministry during the school year last year.
“My first week there the kids just ran and jumped on me and dragged me to play video games it was at that point I knew I could be there for somebody and it made me want to come back,” he said.
Students can meet Catlett at the first meeting in September when Youth Core begins its fall meetings again. To find out more about Youth Core go to or follow their Facebook page for their back to school kick off.

Youth Core Ministries serves young people in Pratt and Kiowa counties.