GREENSBURG — Entrepreneur Matt Deighton, of Greensburg, is the founder of Duck Salt products. He recently announced that the countdown is on for the next part of his dream and vision for Duck Salt products. Duck Nuts is just weeks from hitting the market.

For years Deighton knew if he was going to stay in his beloved Greensburg, he needed to create some sort of job for himself because of the limited industry and jobs available in the area. So Deighton started in 2012 handcrafting Duck Salt in small batches. Duck Salt is a special combination of his own blend of quality seasonings. He then promoted it by driving up and down the road with Duck Salt in his backseat, selling and delivering the product in person.

It soon expanded beyond being a local favorite and gained regional accord in retail outlets and online at

“Duck Salt allows you to have the freshest flavors for all types of food,” Deighton said. “The product is great on beef, grilled or baked chicken, pork, and all types of salads. There are no rules for using Duck Salt.”

Deighton is now expanding his business to include Duck Nuts.

Duck Nuts will take the highest quality peanut available and combine them with the specialty blended seasonings of Duck Salt.

“Then you have the perfect combination for a great snack product,” Deighton said.

Deighton said he wants to give first option to his local retailers like the Big Well Museum in Greensburg for the limited supply of the first batch of Duck Nuts that will be manufactured, but he already has retailers in New Orleans and Europe just waiting for the product.

“All that we are waiting on is the peanuts to be harvested and sent to the roaster,” he said.

Deighton said his biggest hurdle is finding warehouse space to put in products until they are shipped out, and while he would love to keep the product and business in Greensburg, he has offers from other communities for free warehousing.

“There are other cities offering me great deals to take my business there and although I want to keep my business here ultimately it’s gonna be a matter of economics,” he said.

Deighton said he had hoped to start a small production company in Greensburg that would provide a few jobs and be part of the industry of Greensburg, but he did not have any offers from the city to keep him in town.

“There seems to be some lack of ‘build it, they will come’ vision from the city,” Deighton added “I would he said. “I would even be willing to share a building with other regional companies if that would be possible.”

Deighton’s Duck Nuts will be made with peanuts, but this is just the beginning of where the snack products can go. Deighton said he plans to expand to cashews, trail mix and pretzels as well.

Customers can expect to see Duck Nuts in most places Duck Salt is sold within a month.