McPherson College receives $1 million gift

McPHERSON — McPherson College announced a gift of $1 million from Richard and Melanie Lundquist, California philanthropists. The gift recognizes the work of car restorer, Paul Russell and Company, and was announced at a private event hosted by McPherson College at the Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance. Russell serves as president of the college’s national advisory board for automotive restoration, according to a press release.

“We are committed to McPherson’s automotive restoration program, particularly since it is the only four-year program like it in the country,” Melanie Lundquist said. “The college strives to provide the best student experiences. We really enjoy the collaborative partnership we have developed with the college."


Newton BOE approves use of CarePortal

NEWTON — Following recent approval for Newton Unified School District 373 to participate in Harvey County’s Integrated Referral Intake System — aimed at connecting individuals and families with local resource agencies — district administration pushed for a pilot program with a similar resource, CarePortal, to be used at the Cooper Early Education Center this school year.

Brittany Denson, Parents as Teachers coordinator at Cooper, presented a proposal to the Newton Board of Education asking for Cooper to be included as a requesting agency within CarePortal, noting it would be a complementary resource to IRIS while functioning a little differently.

IRIS works to connect individuals and families with local partner agencies that provide the services they need, while CarePortal taps into a system that relies on the support of area churches to address family needs through donations — with both building a support system that Denson sees as a great benefit.

 “We know that children thrive in connected, supported families and we know that families thrive in connected, supported communities,” Denson said. “This would allow us to connect the families that we work with someone in the community who is willing and wanting to assist.”