Kansas State Treasurer Jake LaTurner stopped in Greensburg on Monday to share views and visit with the locals about his qualifications to lead Kansans in Washington D.C.

Kansas State Treasurer Jake LaTurner, conservative Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate stopped in Greensburg at Kooks Monday morning at 8:30 a.m. for a quick ‘Meet and Greet’ event with community members. A handful of people attended to ask questions and get to know the candidate.
LaTurner has been featured in many commercials and advertisements telling residents of Kansas to check online at www.kansascash.ks.gov for unclaimed properties. LaTurner’s quest in seeing the Kansas Citizens get back what is theirs has returned over $45M dollars of money and valuables to Kansas citizens. This shatters any previous record for the most unclaimed property returned in a single year.
LaTurner, a sixth generation Kansas, said that working to help real Kansans has prompted him to pursue a seat with the U.S. Senate.
“My wife, Suzanne, and I have four young kids,” LaTurner said. “We look at their future and get really concerned when we look at what is happening in the federal level. With 22 trillion dollars of debt, and 75 percent of our spending over the next decade already decided upon for us, we get very concerned. When we see extreme liberals like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez getting out there with unworkable ideas that are catching the attention of people, we get really concerned. I have a track record of not just supporting the policies in the background but leading on issues that can help us reform the problems out country faces, not just divert attention from them.”
LaTurner said he introduced property tax reform at the  state level and got it passed.
“I introduced welfare reform in our state and I got it passed. I carried on the floor the constitutional carry to all people to exercise their 2nd amendment rights. I authored and introduced Simons Law and got it passed and I won the Pro-Life Hero from Kansan for life award and that was just my time in the Senate,” he said.
LaTurner currently serves as the 40th Kansas State Treasurer and is the youngest statewide elected official in America. As Treasurer, Jake has taken the service and efficiency of the office to a whole new level.  Along with breaking the record for most return unclaimed funds, he also successfully passed legislation giving tax deductions to individuals living with disabilities; allowing them and their families a way to save for their future.
LaTurner successfully sued the federal government for their unwillingness to return an estimated $23 billion to patriotic Americans who purchased war bonds during WWII and all that he has done while in the State Treasurer’s Office working with a reduced budget and staff.
“Kansas has been great in electing republicans but we haven't always been great about electing people who are willing to stand up on issues; I am the man that will,” he said.”
LaTurner said he believes what is required in DC is a person who will stand up to elected officials, willing to lay across the tracks if need to be, to make a difference. There is night and day difference between quietly voting the right way for something and standing up and leading, he said.
 “I am not only concerned with winning the election, I plan to fight for conservative values once there,” he said.