To Harvey County Community:

The rebel flag, associated with the Confederate States of America, was being flown by a vendor at the Harvey County Fair. The history of the flag is that it was a battle flag in the Civil War. The Confederate States of America were states that seceded from the United States because they wanted to preserve slavery — the right to own other human beings, black people, in servitude. It has been brought back in the last hundred years, in part to intimidate people who disagree with that.

Kansas joined the United States as a free state in 1861, after standing against those who wanted Kansas to be a slave state. So to me, flying the flag of a "country" that Kansas refused to join at that time is not appropriate.

The Harvey County Fair is set up for the citizens of this county — to be proud of what they have accomplished and to enjoy socializing with each other. This vendor has come to sell merchandise, at the invitation of the Harvey County Fair. That implies that it is OK to fly this flag on public land at the fair. It is the right of anyone to have this flag. However, when it appears in a public place, it has the implied support of that public entity.

This flag is intrusive into the life of the county, instead of uplifting it. I am asking that this not happen again.

— Linda Claassen Jones, Newton