The residents of Newton will be voting, both in August and November, on the school bond issues and for three city commissioners, respectively. It is vitally important that each of us votes in these elections.

The school bond election will be a Mail-In vote. You will receive the ballot in the mail about mid August. You may have already received it. There will be a stamped, addressed envelope to return it in and a "must return by" date (Sept. 3). Please don't discard, and don't forget to mark the ballot and return it in the mail. There are two questions to vote on, read it through carefully before marking your vote.

Three City Commissioners are up for re-election. Glen Davis and Rod Kreie are running again; Barth Hague is not, so there will be an open seat for a new commissioner. Hopefully before the November election there will be a candidate forum, perhaps at Grand Central Senior Center, where we all can meet the candidates and hear them speak. Watch for information on this in Grand Central's newsletter, the two Newton newspapers or online.

Please try to be informed on the issues and candidates. I believe there are also some school board members up for re-election; that would be in November, and there should be at least one forum for them.

Keep in mind these issues and candidates will determine how much the people of Newton pay in taxes. So PLEASE VOTE!

— Laurie Hartke, Newton